X-Ray Fluctuations fromLocally Unstable Advection-Dominated Disks 

作成者 松元, 亮治
キーワード等 Accretion, Accretion disks-black hole physics-Stars: individual
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 440
内容 The response of advection-dominated accretion disks to local disturbancesis examined by one-dimensional numerical simulations. It is generally believedthat advection-dominated disks are thermally stable. We, however, nd that anydisurbance added onto accretion ow at large radii does not decay so rapidly thatit can move inward with roughly the free-fall velocity. Although disturbancescontinue to be present, the global disk structure will not be modied largely.This can account for persistent hard X-ray emission with substantial variationsobserved in active galactic nuclei and stellar black hole candidates during thehard state. Moreover, when the disturbance reaches the innermost parts, anacoustic wave emerges, propagating outward as a shock wave. The resultant lightvariation is roughly (time) symmetric and is quite reminiscent of the observed X-ray shots of Cygnus X-1.
作成日付 1996-05
コンテンツの種類 プレプリント Preprint
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言語 英語
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