LIF法による植物の生体情報の抽出   :   Information from Plants Leaves by Laser Induced Fluorescence method 

作成者 高橋, 邦夫, 峰内, 健一, 安田, 嘉純, 立本, 英機
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 512.75, 470
内容 研究概要:The LIF (laser-induced fluorescence) method is a potentially useful tool for remote sensing of plant vigor because LIF spectral profiles vary according to chlorophyll contents which indicates the activity of the plant. In order to examine the relationships between the transverse distribution of fluorescence (blue:450nm, green:530nm, red:687nm and infrared:741nm) within cell tissue and LIF spectra of leaves of pothos with different chlorophyll contents, a LIF spectral system and a micro-fluorescence imaging (MFI) system using UV laser were developed. The F450/F685 and the F450/F740 ratio of fluorescence intensity (F450:450nm, F685:685nm, F740:740nm) toward the different chlorophyll contents in pothos leaf were measured to examine the relationships between the blue-green and the red fluorescence. The F450/F687 and the F450/F741 ratio showed increase with the increase in the chlorophyll contents. It was found that the F450 fluorescence in intact leaves was reabsorbed by chlorophyll. The blue-green fluorescence of green leaves was distributed only near the epidermis, but there was none within the leaf tissue. The chlorophyll fluorescence of the green leaves could be detected at mesophyll cells inside the epidermis but not at the epidermis on surface layer of the leaves. In contrast, the blue-green fluorescence of the white mottled leaf without chlorophyll appeared within the mesophyll cell. It was clear from the results of this experiment that the changes of fluorescence distribution within the leaf tissue affected the fluorescence spectra emitted from leaves.
コンテンツの種類 研究報告書 Research Paper
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掲載誌情報 第2回CEReS環境リモートセンシングシンポジウム論文集 page.89-96 (1999)
言語 日本語

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