Comparative study of water balance in Asia between Kuo and PAS Schemes simulated by the JMA89 Model 

作成者 Ichiyanagi, Kimpei, Chiba, Masaru, Sugi, Masato, Kuma, Ken-ichi, Sato, Nobuo
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 452
内容 研究概要:The result of ten year integrations of the JMA89 global model with Kuo scheme and Prognostic Arakawa-Shubert scheme (PAS) were compared. In global, basinwide water balance simulated by PAS scheme was more realistic than that of Kuo scheme, but river runoff of both Kuo and PAS schemes were overestimated than observation. Land surface hydrology in Asia between Kuo and PAS schemes was compared in detail. The results showed that deep convection scheme take large influences to land surface hydrology not only precipitation pattern, but also evapotranspiration through cloud and solar radiation processes.
コンテンツの種類 研究報告書 Research Paper
掲載誌情報 Proceedings of the international symposium on hydro-environment in Asia page.69-74 (1997)
言語 英語

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