The Simulation of Hydrological Processes in Lake Qinghai, China 

作成者 Qin, Boqiang
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 452.9322
内容 研究概要:Qinghai lake is the biggest one in China. It is a mountainous lake with a closed drainage basin located in the north-eastern Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Since the beginning of this century, the lake level has dropped significantly and the lake area has shrunk dramatically. The water balance analysis show that the deficit of water budget and the decrease of runoff is the main reason of the lake level falling. In order to investigate the changes of hydrological conditions within the lake basin, a catchment model coupled with a lake thermal model has been developed to simulate the lake water balance and the water thermal properties of Lake Qinghai. The simulated water balance and lake level are quite consistent with observations. This model can be used in the evaluation of changes in hydrological conditions induced by the external forcings such as the climate changes.
コンテンツの種類 研究報告書 Research Paper
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ファイル形式 application/pdf
掲載誌情報 Proceedings of the international symposium on hydro-environment in Asia page.293-300 (1997)
言語 英語

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