Relationship between NOAA/AVHKR-derived NDVI, Rainfall and Air Temperature for Diverse Vegetation Types in East Asia : II. NDVI vs. Air Temperature 

作成者 Runtunuwu, Eleonora, 近藤, 昭彦, Harto, Agung Budi, Prayogo, Teguh, Shen, Yanjun
作成者の別表記 Kondoh, Akihiko
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 450
内容 研究概要:This paper is the continuation of the study of the relationship between satellite phenology of NOAA/AVHRR-derived Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and rainfall in East Asia. That study noted significant differences in NDVI-rainfall relationship for the diverse vegetation types. The current paper examined these differences whether can be explained by relationship between NDVI and air temperature. Therefore, the NDVI and air temperature associations were carried out with several regression analyses: (a) the relationship was analyzed by using a mean annual integrated NDVT and a mean annual air temperature for all 850 stations. It seemed the linear relationship is relatively weak (r=0.40). However, when separated analyses were used with, the monthly time series data of each station, their correlation coefficients were significant for a given stations, which varied from -0.80 to 0.87. (b) Based on mean time series NDVI and air temperature data of each vegetation type in period January 1986 to December 1993, the correlations were linearly significant (r>0.70), except for desert area, r was only 0.49. In addition, when investigating the characteristics of the mean annual air temperature and time lag, we realized the vegetation types did not strongly differ with respect to air temperature analyses.
コンテンツの種類 研究報告書 Research Paper
DCMI資源タイプ text
掲載誌情報 Proceedings of the CEReS international symposium on remote sensing of the atmosphere and validation of satellite data page.133-138 (2001)
言語 英語

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