Early results from Seawifs observations of the HE Pacific BC coast 

作成者 Gower, J.F.R.
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 512.75, 450
内容 研究概要:Seawifs satellite images of the BC coast and Gulf of Alaska have been collected at the Institute of Ocean Sciences since the first transmissions began in September 1997. Image data are received and stored, and are later de-crypted using delayed (research) keys. Quick-look images are then used to select sections of passes for processing with the NASA Seadas software to geometrically corrected (level 3) products. This paper presents a first assessment of the resulting series of images, which show water-leaving radiance and chlorophyll distributions on about 140 dates between September 1997 and May 1999. Image coverage is greatly reduced by the heavy cloud cover of this area, but the data should be extremely useful for showing the spatial patterns of surface phytoplankton presently being monitored by ship samples and buoy time series as part of on-going research. Problems in the Seadas output are evident from the large number of negative radiance values computed at shorter wavelengths, which cause overestimates in the derived chlorophyll values. Examples are shown of significant images, and of comparisons of the chlorophyll values with ship measurements. The effects of the negative radiances and the results of a simple ad-hoc compensation are also discussed. Future plans for collection of surface and satellite data are presented.
コンテンツの種類 研究報告書 Research Paper
DCMI資源タイプ text
掲載誌情報 Proceedings of the international symposium on Ocean Color Remote Sensing and Carbon Flux page.10-21 (1999)
言語 英語

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