人工光型植物苗工場における消費電力量と電力料金の試算例   :   Estimating Electric Energy Consumption and its Cost in a Transplant Production Factory with Artificial Lighting : A Case Study 

作成者 大山, 克己, 古在, 豊樹
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 620
内容 The objective of this study was to estimate the electric energy consumption used for lighting and air conditioning and its cost in a transplant production factory with fluorescent lamps as the sole light source, using the following dimensions and assumptions: 1) the transplant production factory is 10.2m wide, 12.0m long and 3.0m high, 2) the heat transmission coefficient of the factory walls is 0.38W m^<-2> K^<-1>, 3) the number of air exchanges of the factory is 0, 0.001, 0.01, 0.03, 0.05 or 0.1h^<-1>, 4) in the factory, there are three growth cabinets (1.8m wide, 10.0m long and 2.5m high, each) each with 5 modules for holding 1,485(=3×5×99) transplant trays in total, 5) the photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) with 16-hour photoperiod per day is 100, 200 and 300μmol m^<-2> s^<-1> for the first, second and third 10 days, respectively, by using fluorescent lamps (110W, 8,9601m, each). 6) air temperature, relative humidity and CO_2 concentration inside the factory during the photoperiod are, respectively, 25℃, 70 0x1.3384p-890nd 800μmol mol^<-1>, 7) electricity cost (The Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., Feb., 1998) during the daytime (8a.m. to 10p.m.) is 14.30 Yen/kWh from July to September, and 13.40 Yen/kWh from October to June, and electricity cost during the night-time is 6.25 Yen/kWh, 8) the average net photosynthetic rate and respiration rate per unit transplant tray area are 0.2mgCO_2 m^<-2> s^<-1> and 0.02mgCO_2 m^<-2> s^<-1>, respectively, and 9) the cost of CO_2 is 170 Yen/kg. Under these conditions, fluorescent lamps generate 50, 99 or 149 kW of heat energy in the factory, respectively, when PPF at the transplant tray surface is 100, 200 or 300μmol m^<-2> s^<-1>. The annual average of the heat transmission rate through the walls is -1.3kW (heat flows from inside to the outside the factory). The annual average of the heat transfer rate by ventilation is -3.6, -31.7, -95.1, -158.6 or -317.1kW when the number of air exchanges of the factory is
公開者 日本植物工場学会
コンテンツの種類 雑誌掲載論文 Journal Article
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ISSN 0918-6638
掲載誌情報 植物工場学会誌 Vol.10 no.2 page.96-107 (1998)
情報源 Journal of Society of High Technology in Agriculture, J.SHITA
言語 日本語
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