The image of a proper holomorphic map from a pseudo-convex domain into a strongly pseudo-convex domain   :   擬凸領域から強擬凸領域への固有正則写像の像 

作成者 石井, 晃, 鵜沢, 正勝
作成者の別表記 ISHII, Akira, UZAWA, Masakatsu
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 370
内容 It is known that if f is a proper holomorphic map from a strongly pseudo-convex domain D_1 ⊂ C^n to a strongly pseudo-convex domain D_2 ⊂ C^n , then every cone with vertex at the boundary of D_1 is mapped into an approach region in D_2. This was proved by Henkin [ 3 ]. But the case in which the domain D_1 and D_2 are different dimentional, were not investigated. In this paper we first prove that for the pseudo-convex domain D_1 = {|z|^2 + |w|^<2m> < 1 }, m > 1 and for the strongly pseudo-convex domain D_2 = B_2, f = (z, w^m) : D_1→B_2 maps every cone with vertex p ∈ ∂D_1 into an approach region of B_2 [Theorem 3]. Secondary we prove that if f is a proper holomorphic map from B_2 ⊂ C^2 into B_3 ⊂ C^3 and if f extends to <B_2>^^^- in a C^2 -way, then f maps every approach region of B_2 into an approach region of B_3 [Theorem 4] .
公開者 千葉大学教育学部
コンテンツの種類 紀要論文 Departmental Bulletin Paper
DCMI資源タイプ text
ファイル形式 application/pdf
ISSN 0577-6856
NCID AN00179534
掲載誌情報 千葉大学教育学部研究紀要. 第2部 Vol.42 page.1-7 (19940228)
情報源 Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Chiba University. Part II
言語 英語
著者版フラグ publisher

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