茨城県水田地帯における中学校生徒の成長曲線の季節的消長に関する生活科学的考察   :   A Study on the Physical Growth Curve of the Children at the Rice-Field Area in Ibaraki Prefecture from the Viewpoint of the Science of Living. 

作成者 宮本, 正之
作成者 (ヨミ) ミヤモト, マサユキ
作成者の別表記 MIYAMOTO, Masayuki
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 620
内容 1) According to our investigation, the growth curves of children show remarkable drops mainly in body weight in July, and the decrease in body weight reach as much as 2.24-0x1.f8d6p+0nd 4.02-0.000000or boys and girls in the third year class of the middle school respectively. In urban areas, however, the growth curves of children do not drop generally in any season, but only stagnate at the beginning of summer. 2) In our researching area, nothing was to be found concerning the causes of the above drops on these growth curves of children neither from dietical point of view, nor from seasonal influence and so on. 3) According to the report of Dr. H. MOTOHASHI, the fatigue is s ronger the spring farming sea on (June-July) than in the autumn farming season, without reference to equal working level in the both seasons. 4) From the facts mentioned above the cause of the drops on these growth curves in July is considered to have originated in the fatigue on the past of those students from June to July.
公開者 千葉大学園芸学部
コンテンツの種類 紀要論文 Departmental Bulletin Paper
DCMI資源タイプ text
ファイル形式 application/pdf
ISSN 0069-3227
NCID AN00142658
掲載誌情報 千葉大学園芸学部学術報告 Vol.3 page.47-54 (19560310)
情報源 The technical bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University
言語 日本語
著者版フラグ publisher

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