リンゴの花芽の着生に関する生態学的研究(第1報) : 側枝の強弱と花芽の着生及び果実の発育との関係   :   Ecological Studies on the Flower Bud Formation of Apples. : 1) Vigor of Lateral Branch in Relation to Flower Bud Formation, and Fruit Growth. 

作成者 羽田, 和三郎
作成者 (ヨミ) ハダ, ワサブロウ
作成者の別表記 HADA, Wasaburo
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 620
内容 1)リンゴの隔年結果の防止には剪定, 摘果の程度が大いに影響する.そこで, みかけ上の差異ではあるが, 側枝の栄養状態の強弱と花芽着生, 花叢内花数等の関係について若干の生態的調査を行なつた.2)側枝の栄養状態の強弱の判定は枝の太さ, 1側枝に萠出する結果枝の数量と割合, 及び結果枝の葉枚数の多少から行なつた.3)花芽形成率は熟期の早い品種ほど高かつたが, 国光では明らかに強枝に花芽形成率が良好であつた.4)液花芽に関する調査では紅玉では強枝に多く認めれらた.5)1花叢内花数は旭が明らかに強枝の花芽に多かつた.6)果実の発育は品種を問わず, 強枝においてすぐれ, 弱枝において劣つていた.7)これは要するにリンゴの側枝の強弱は, これから萠出する結果枝に着生する花芽, 果実の肥大などに関係し, 一般的には強枝は弱枝にすぐれるが, 弱枝でも着葉数を充分に与えるならば, この欠点は充分に補なうことができる.
1) The degree of prunning and thinning gives a great influence to the prevention of fruit bearing of apples in alternate years. So, the author studied ecologically what influence the degree of nourishment of lateral branches may bring about on putting forth of flower buds and also number of flowers in the cluster, etc. 2) The condition of nourishment of lateral branches was judged from the thickness and the number of bearing shoots as well as from the number the leaves of the lateral branches. 3) The parcentage of formation of flower buds was higher with the early maturing variety. The parcentage was, apparently, high with the stout branches of Rails. 4) Our investigation showed that there were a lot of axillary flower buds on the stout branches of Jonathan. 5) The number of flowers in one cluster was, apparently, great with the stout lateral branches of Mclntosh. 6) The growth of fruits, without regards to variety, was found to be better on the stout branches than on weak ones. 7) To sum up, the strength of lateral branches of apples affects the rate of formation of bearing shoots and the growth of fruits, and generally stout branches are suprior to weak ones, but even with weak branches if the number of the leaves is increased sufficiently, such a fault will be overcome completely.

公開者 千葉大学園芸学部
コンテンツの種類 紀要論文 Departmental Bulletin Paper
DCMI資源タイプ text
ファイル形式 application/pdf
ISSN 0069-3227
NCID AN00142658
掲載誌情報 千葉大学園芸学部学術報告 Vol.11 page.45-50 (19631231)
情報源 The technical bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University
言語 日本語
著者版フラグ publisher

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