ブドウ・ナシの糖類および有機酸の含量と産地   :   Variations in Sugar and Organic Acid Content in Grape and Japanese Pear Fruits Produced in Different Localities 

作成者 広保, 正, 石井, 弘, ユン, バ ニユツ
作成者の別表記 HIROYASU, Tadashi, ISHII, Hiroshi, DUONE, Bach-Nhut
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 620
内容 岩手, 山形, 山梨, 岡山, 福岡のブドウ(キャンベルアーリー), 福島, 長野, 栃木, 千葉, 鳥取, 静岡, 徳島のナシ(二十世紀, 長十郎)の果実中の糖類および有機酸をガスクロマトグラフィーを用い, 産地と糖類および有機酸組成分との関係をみた.ブドウの全糖含量は各産地で大差がないが, 全酸は積算気温が低くなるにつれて高くなり, 有機酸の大部分がリンゴ酸であった.糖類はほとんどがブドウ糖と果糖で, 岩手のは果糖含量の方がブドウ糖含量より高くなっているが, そのほかのところは逆にブドウ糖の方が高くなっている.ナシは福島, 長野が果糖の含量が高く, ショ糖, ブドウ糖の割合が低いが, 千葉, 鳥取, 静岡, 徳島はショ糖の割合が高くなっている.有機酸の組成は, 酒石酸は含有量が少なくほとんど差がないが, 福島, 長野のものはクエン酸の含量が高く, リンゴ酸の含量が低い.栃木, 千葉のはリンゴ酸の割合が高く, 逆にクエン酸が低くなっている.
Variations in Sugar and Organic Acid Content in Grape and Japanese Pear Fruits Produced in Different Localities. T. HIROYASU, H. ISHII and B. N. DUONG. Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Matsudo, Japan. Tech. Bull. Fac. Hort. Chiba Univ., No.22: 41-47, 1974. Sugar and organic acid content in the fruits of grapes, cv. Campbell Early and Japanese pears, cvs. Nijiiseiki and Chojuro, were identified gas-liquid chromatographically in order to know the chemical variation in the fruits produced in different localities in Japan. Fruits of grapes analyzed were collected from the plantings of Agricultural Experiment Stations in Iwate, Yamagata, Yamanashi, Okayama and Fukuoka, and those of the pears from Fukushima, Nagano, Tochigi, Chiba, Tottori, Shizuoka and Tokushima Prefectures. The major sugars and organic acids identified in the fruits of grapes and pears were found to be fructose, glucose, sucrose, succinic, malic, citric and tartaric acids. In the grape berries produced in different areas, there was no significant variation in the total sugars. The total acidity in the berries increased with decreasing the cumulative air temperatures prevailing in the production area, and the major organic acid identified was malic acid. Of sugars found in the berries, glucose and fructose were predominant. The berries from Iwate were found to have a higher content of fructose than glucose, although those produced in other localities had a large amount of glucose than fructose. In Nijiiseiki and Chojuro pear fruits produced in northern Japan (Fukushima, Nagano) was detected highest amount of fructose. By contrast, in the Fruits harvested in southern Japan (Chiba, Tottori, Sizuoka, Tokushima) a higher content of sucrose was found than glucose and fructose. In the pear fruits produced in southern Japan, malic acid content was higher than that of northern Japan, while those in northern Japan contained higher citric acid than that of southern Japan.

公開者 千葉大学園芸学部
コンテンツの種類 紀要論文 Departmental Bulletin Paper
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ファイル形式 application/pdf
ISSN 0069-3227
NCID AN00142658
掲載誌情報 千葉大学園芸学部学術報告 Vol.22 page.41-47 (19750315)
情報源 The technical bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University
言語 日本語
著者版フラグ publisher

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