シイタケ菌糸体抽出物のコレステロール代謝におよぼす影響   :   Effect of water-soluble extract from cultured mycelia of shiitake (Letinus edodes) on cholesterol metabolism in rats 

作成者 太田, 冨貴雄, 川上, 加代子, 綾野, 雄幸, 飯塚, 千代吉
作成者 (ヨミ) オオタ, フキオ, カワカミ, カヨコ, イイヅカ, チヨキチ
作成者の別表記 OHTA, Fukio, KAWAKAMI, Kayoko, AYANO, Yuko, IIZUKA, Chiyokichi
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 620
内容 シイタケ菌糸体抽出物(EMS)を0.1%から5%含む飼料で幼若シロネズミを2〜4週間飼育し, EMSの血清, 肝臓中のコレステロールおよびトリグリセライド量におよぼす影響を検討した.その結果は以下の通りである.1)飼料中に1%以下のEMSの添加は, シロネズミの成長, 臓器重量に影響を与えなかったが, 5%のEMS添加により成長の減退, 盲腸の増大がひきおこされた.2)0.1%から1 1.480553E-268MSを含む飼料をシロネズミに投与すると, 対照群に比べて血清コレステロール値の上昇が抑制された.しかし過剰投与(飼料中5%)によりEMSの脂質代謝改善効果は消失した.3)EMSの血清コレステロール値上昇抑制作用は, 飼料中にコレステロールを補足した場合にのみ認められた.したがってEMSの効果は, 主に腸管内におけるコレステロールないし胆汁酸の吸収阻害により発現されると推定された.
Effect of water-soluble extract from cultured mycelia of shiitake (Letinus edodes) on cholesterol metabolism in rats. Fukio OHTA, Kayoko KAWAKAMI and Yuko AYANO. Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Matsudo, Japan. Chiyokichi IIZUKA. Noda Shokukin Kogyo Co. LTD., Noda, Japan. Tech. Bull. Fac. Hort. Chiba Univ., No.24: 11-17 Hypocholesterolemic effect of water-soluble fraction of shiitake mycelia was investigated in young rats fed a diet with or without supplement of cholesterol. Prior to the development of fruiting bodies, mycelia of shiitake, which had been propagated in culture media mainly composed of bagasses, were extracted with water after several hours of autolyzation, and then the water-soluble fraction was freeze-dried to powder. Two animal experiments were conducted. In experiment I, male rats of Wistar strain, aged five weeks, were divided into three groups. Each group was prefed one of gluten diets containing 0, 1 or 50f dried extract of shiitake mycelia (EMS) for two weeks. Following one week administration of a cholesterol free casein diet 1, each group was subdivided into two groups; one was continued on a cholesterol free diet, and the other assigned on a cholesterol supplemented one for further a week. In experiment II, four groups, each composed of eight rats aged five weeks, were fed one of cholesterol supplemented casein diets containing 0, 0.1, 0.5 and 1 1.254331e-268vels of EMS for a week after the same period of prefeeding on a cholesterol free casein diet. Samples of sera and livers were estimated for cholesterol and triglyceride contents. There could be observed no growth improving effect of EMS for rats fed on gluten diets in experiment I. Enlargement of caecums was seen in rats on 5 1.514749E-314MS diets, suggesting there existed large amounts of nondigestible materials in EMS. EMS exerted, however, no inhibitory effect on protein digestibility. Serum cholesterol levels of rats fed on 1 1.519693E-314MS diet supplemented with cholesterol in experiment I, and on 0.1-0x1.c248ebfff914

公開者 千葉大学園芸学部
コンテンツの種類 紀要論文 Departmental Bulletin Paper
DCMI資源タイプ text
ファイル形式 application/pdf
ISSN 0069-3227
NCID AN00142658
掲載誌情報 千葉大学園芸学部学術報告 Vol.24 page.11-17 (19761130)
情報源 The technical bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University
言語 日本語
著者版フラグ publisher

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