培養液管理法からみたNFTトマトの高品質果実生産技術の開発   :   The growing technique for production of high quality tomatoes by controlling nutrient solution in NFT system 

作成者 北条, 雅章
作成者の別表記 HOHJO, Masaaki
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 626.2, 615.731
内容 実験1ではトマト"桃太郎"をNH_4-N添加比について3水準で, 養液栽培NFTにより栽培した.生育は, NO_3-N濃度が最も高い区で最も劣った.NH_4-N濃度が高い区では, トマト果実の尻腐れ果が激発し, その結果収量は最低となった.しかし, NH_4-N濃度が高くなると果実の糖度は高くなる傾向にあった.培養液中にNH_4-Nが添加されると, CaとMgの吸収抑制が認められた.植物体中のN含有率は, NH_4-N濃度が高い区ほど高くなる傾向があった.一方, Ca, Mg含有率はNH_4-N濃度が高い区ほど低くなる傾向があった.実験2では培養液中のNO_3-N:NH_4-N比を3段階とし, それぞれに2段階の培養液濃度を組みあわせて栽培試験を行なった.NH_4-N比の上昇により茎葉, 根の生体重が増加し, 栄養生長が促進された.高濃度処理区では, NH_4-Nの添加によりCaとMgの吸収量が低下した.また高濃度処理のNH_4-N添加区で尻腐れ果の発生が多く, 上物収量の低下が顕著であった.トマトの養液栽培における培養液へのNH_4-Nの添加比率としては, 8:2程度が限界であると考察した.Ca濃度と窒素形態がトマトの生育, 収量, 品質に及ぼす影響を検討するためNFTで半促成のトマト栽培を行なった.Ca濃度を3処理(2, 4, 6me・liter^<-1>), NO_3-N:NH_4-N濃度比を2段階(10:0, 8:2)として半促成NFT栽培を行なった.トマトの収量に及ぼす影響では, Ca濃度が濃くなるに従い, 増収となった.尻腐れ果は各処理区とも発生したが, Ca処理6me・liter^<-1>の10:0区で2.8%と低く, 逆にCa処理2me・liter^<-1>の8:2区で34.7%と高くなった.Brixについては, Ca濃度の影響がNO_3-N:NH_4-Nの比率との関係で逆転し, NH_4-N無添加の10:0処理ではCa濃度が上がるに従い低下し, NH_4-Nの8:2処理では上昇する傾向が認められた.トマトの葉身中の無機成分含有率については, C
These experiments were conducted in order to clarify the growing technique for production of high quality tomatoes by controlling nutrient solution in NFT system. Chapter 1: Tomato plants, cultivar "Momotaro", were grown in Nutrient Film Technique to investigate the effects of nitrogen form and nutrient concentration on their growth, yield and fruit quality. The Exp. 1 was conducted with three ratios of NH_4-N to NO_3-N concentrations (NO_3-N:NH_4-N=10:0, 8:2, 6:4). Exp. 2 was carried out with three ratios of NO_3-N:NH_4-N under two nutrient concentrations. In Exp. 1, the worst plant growth was obtained with the highest NH_4-N concentration. Though fruits from plants grown in the higher NH_4-N concentration had higher sugar content, increased the blossom end rot of tomato fruit. The absorption of calcium and magnesium by tomato plant were considerably deceased with addition of NH_4-N in the nutrient solution. Nitrogen content in plant tissue increased with increasing NH_4-N concentration in the nutrient solution. Whereas, Ca and Mg contents in the plant decreased with increasing NH_4-N concentration. The addition of NH_4-N to nutrient solution up to 8:2 resulted in increasing plant growth and fruit quality. Further additional NH_4-N, however, caused marked decreases in fruit yield. In Exp. 2, shoot and root fresh weights and water uptake were enhanced by higher NH_4-N ratio. Ca and Mg uptakes decreased by the addition of NH_4-N under higher nutrient concentration. Marked decrease in yield was observed in plants grown with higher NH_4-N under higher nutrient concentration, showing heavy symptoms of BER. Chapter 2: Tomato plants were grown in Nutrient Film Technique to investigate the effects of Ca concentration and nitrogen form on its growth, yield and fruit quality. Experiment was carried out with three Ca concentrations (2, 4, 6 me・liter^<-1>) in combination with two levels of NO_3-N:NH_4-N ratios (10:0, 8:2). Total yield of tomato increased with increasing Ca concentration. The incidence of blossom end rot r

公開者 千葉大学園芸学部
コンテンツの種類 紀要論文 Departmental Bulletin Paper
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ISSN 0069-3227
NCID AN00142658
掲載誌情報 千葉大学園芸学部学術報告 Vol.55 page.123-153 (20010331)
情報源 The technical bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University
言語 日本語
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