閉鎖型苗生産システムに設置した家庭用エアコンの冷房時成績係数   :   Coefficient of Performance for Cooling of a Home-use Air Conditioner Installed in a Closed-type Transplant Production System 

作成者 大山, 克己, 古在, 豊樹, 久保田, 智惠利, 全, 昶厚, 長谷川, 智行, 横井, 真悟, 西村, 将雄
作成者の別表記 オオヤマ, カツミ, Katsumi, Ohyama, コザイ, トヨキ, Toyoki, Kozai, クボタ, チエリ, Chieri, Kubota, Changhoo, Chun, ハセガワ, トモユキ, Tomoyuki, Hasegawa, ヨコイ, シンゴ, Shingo, Yokoi, ニシムラ, マサオ, Masao, Nishimura
キーワード等 air temperature, coefficient of performance, electric energy consumption, fluorescent lamp, heat energy, number of air exchange, thermal insulation
日本十進分類法 (NDC) 615
内容 Electric energy consumption for cooling (W_c) and the coefficient of performance for cooling (C) were investigated in a closed-type transplant production system(CTPS). C is defined as the ratio of heat energy absorbed by the evaporator of the air conditioner to W_c. A Basic Module Room with thermally insulated walls (5.8m(W), 2.7m(L), 5.4m(H)) in the Research Unit for Closed Plant Production Systems at Chiba University was considered as a model CTPS. Home-use air conditioners, fluorescent lamps, fans and humidifier were installed in the CTPS. One hundred fifty-one data sets were collected for the analysis during the period from 1 May 2000 to 30 April 2001 when air temperatures inside the CTPS (T_<in>) during photo-and dark period were 29-31℃ and 27-29℃, respectively. The chemical energy assimilated by the transplants was considered to be negligible. In the preliminary study, the number of air exchanges of the system was found to be 0 h^<-1>. Heat energy transmission through the walls was estimated as the product of heat transmission coefficient (ceiling and side walls: 0.3W m^<-2>K^<-1>; floor: 0.2W m^<-2> K^<-1>) and the air temperature difference between inside and outside the CTPS. Subsequently, C was estimated by dividing the heat energy generated inside the CTPS (Q) by W_c. W_c increased with increasing air temperature outside the CTPS (T_<out>) and with increasing Q. Most (72-86%) of the electric energy was consumed by lamps. The rest was consumed by air conditioners (7-17%) and other equipments (5-15%). The average value of C was 7.6 under this experiment condition. ...
公開者 日本植物工場学会
コンテンツの種類 雑誌掲載論文 Journal Article
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ファイル形式 application/pdf
ISSN 0918-6638
掲載誌情報 植物工場学会誌 Vol.14 no.3 page.141-146 (2002)
情報源 Journal of Society of High Technology in Agriculture (J. SHITA), SHITA journal
言語 日本語
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